What You Need To Know About Jet Skis

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The Jet Ski Manual

by Christophe Harmand (Author)

Jet skis are immensely popular coastal ‘playthings’ – but they need careful handling and maintenance.This is a highly illustrated hands-on manual providing advice , hints and tips on choosing, driving, handling, maintaining and repairing a jet ski – the complete owner’s manual.

Jet Ski is the brand name of a personal water craft (PWC) manufactured by Kawasaki, a Japanese company. The term is often used generically to refer to any type of personal watercraft used mainly for recreation, and it is also used as a verb to describe the use of any type of PWC.

Many owners will prefer to service and maintain their own Jet Ski machine (much like they would with an outboard motor), rather than take it to a service agent, and the step by step photos in this book will enable them to do just this.

This is a brand new, highly illustrated step-by-step guide for the jet ski owner (of which there are many in Australia alone) which provides helpful advice on all the aspects of ownership, handling and maintenance. There is no other book on the market which does this.

This book can be purchased from Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Jet-Ski-Manual-Christophe-Harmand/dp/1408152819/