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Case studies - Business to Business

GRDC Ute Guide Insect ID Mobile App

Insect ID is the latest edition of GRDC’s Ute Guide mobile applications developed by Reading Room, providing an encyclopaedic reference for some of the most destructive insect pests affecting our grain growing regions and the beneficial insects that can help naturally control them through predation or parasitisation, alongside some of the most dangerous international pests for our grain growers to keep their eyes out for. Searchable by common and species names, insect type and three growing regions, the Insect ID Ute Guide is an invaluable tool for Australian farmers. 

Choose Brisbane Website

We worked with Brisbane Marketing to create an international B2B campaign website targeted at C-suite executives, promoting investment in Brisbane and showcasing its identity as an international hub of commerce. The website features a stunning design that adapts gracefully across multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones.


The new QGC corporate website features a dynamic design and user-friendly interface designed to enhance the client’s existing brand image. The site also features a number clever widgets such as the ‘Get the Facts’ roll down header which reveals links to helpful information. Following the launch in August, the site received over 25000 visitors in a month. Approximately a quarter of this traffic was channelled directly to the ‘Working with us’ page which, fulfilling the client’s objective to drive recruitment.

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter are a strong brand, but the Australian team realised they were missing opportunities to connect with current and potential customers on a more pesonal and valuable level. We worked with this leading global biomedical equipment manufacturer to develop a tailored social media strategy to improve their client engagement and increase the Australian division's online profile.

Australian Direct Marketing Association

Reading Room teach one-day introductory courses for one of Australia’s most respected providers of advertising, direct and digital marketing related training - the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA). Developed and delivered by Reading Room’s Consultancy team, the courses cover the basics of social media, social media marketing strategy, case studies as well as hands-on social media marketing for a range of different audiences, from small business owners to marketing managers all the way through to executives.

GHD Innovation Interchange

GHD sought a way to bring together the best ideas and minds in an efficient and convenient way to help solve the world’s water industry challenges. Reading Room worked with GHD to develop the 'Innovation Interchange,' an online collaboration and knowledge sharing tool for engineers to engage and connect with each other.

OKI Printing Solutions

To ensure the highest levels of customer service, Reading Room has launched the re-design and re-platform of the OKI Printing Solutions online estate of a massive 120+ websites in over 20 languages. We implemented a strategic content configuration for re-use and translation of content, allowing for greater control over their multiple websites across multiple regions.


G4S has transformed its inconsistent online offering – which was not pulling its weight in showcasing their breadth of services and expertise – into a single brand portrayal and global message, serving a phenomenal 110 country specific sites in over 20 languages. G4S now delivers an engaging and educational user experience by bringing their breadth of expertise to a worldwide audience whilst reflecting their users’ diverse cultural influences. A truly transformational global project solving a major corporate problem.

Philips Healthcare for ASEAN

To strengthen Philips Healthcare’s leadership position in the field of Radiography safety Reading Room developed a global digital campaign around World Radiography Day. The Radiographer of the Year award was created as focal point from which we could promote dose management, safety awareness and good practice as well as facilitate peer-to-peer clinical discussion. The campaign exceeded expectations on the back of a strong digital campaign and social media integration and built meaningful visibility around dose management and safety linked to business objectives.