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Case studies

Autism Spectrum Website Redevelopment

Reading Room worked in partnership with Autism Spectrum on a refreshed web platform designed to help improve the life of Australians affected by Autism, with the aim of assisting children, parents, carers, helpers and educators.  Offering a diverse range of services from local social clubs to specialised schools, the website is designed to help each individual person find the best services to help them make a difference in the lives of those affected by Autism. The site was developed in the Drupal CMS, featuring an intuitive interface and information architecture ensuring ease of access to the right information for the right audience.

Wild About Whales Website

In partnership with OEH NSW, we created Wild About Whales- a website focused on tracking whale sightings in NSW and promoting nearby travel and tourism to users. Incorporating strong social media integration and dynamically updated maps, Wild About Whales is a responsive site, with functionality adapting based on the users device, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Bonsoy Responsive Website

When a member of the Reading Room team discovered how good Bonsoy is, he wondered whether there was a way of finding out which cafés and retailers stocked it in the local area. At the time there was no easy way of finding this information so we approached Spiral Foods with the idea for a mobile friendly website which allowed users to see where they could get Bonsoy nearby. Some ideas are too good to ignore so Spiral Foods worked with us to produce this neat responsive site. Users can find Bonsoy near them, get tasty recipes and quickly get the latest info on Bonsoy through social media links. Now Bonsoy can be quickly found by anyone all over the world!

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Intranet Review

DFAT were seeking to improve their internal communication and access to information via their Intranet. Through a process of extensive stakeholder research, analysis of their current implementation and user testing Reading Room created a dramatically revised Information Architecture and standardised templates to improve content structure and bring a degree of personalisation to the new intranet, placing ownership back with content authors.

Australian Communications & Media Authority Main Site

Reading Room worked closely with the ACMA to provide the digital reality of their vision for a new web destination providing their distinct audience types with an integrated platform where traditional communication approaches are integrated with social media, video, blogs and online collaboration. The flexible and intuitive design is supported by a custom visual content editor in the Sitecore CMS and a powerful taxonomy ensures that relevant content is made easily available to each audience type- from industry participants to citizens and consumers.

Sydney Electronic Ticketing System Website Development

We worked with Transport for NSW and Cubic Transportation to organise the feature requirements for the new Opal Card website into a usable and intuitive interface for the citizens of Sydney, including mapping the notification, customer service and management processes which surround the customer along with the design and implementation of a robust, secure and stable highly transactional Opal card website.

GRDC Ute Guide Insect ID Mobile App

Insect ID is the latest edition of GRDC’s Ute Guide mobile applications developed by Reading Room, providing an encyclopaedic reference for some of the most destructive insect pests affecting our grain growing regions and the beneficial insects that can help naturally control them through predation or parasitisation, alongside some of the most dangerous international pests for our grain growers to keep their eyes out for. Searchable by common and species names, insect type and three growing regions, the Insect ID Ute Guide is an invaluable tool for Australian farmers. 

Flinders University Website Review and Roadmap

Reading Room was engaged by Flinders University to undertake a review of its existing website. Reading Room conducted a series of discovery sessions with the University including interviews and workshops to explore what the user and business requirements were for the website. This was complemented by a detailed competitor review, a heuristic review of the current website and a series of interviews with end users. The project culminated in a digital roadmap which contained our recommendations on how the University should use its website to effectively communicate and engage with its audiences. This roadmap will form the basis of the Flinders University digital strategy over the next 3 years.

Community Heritage Website Redevelopment

Reading Room worked with DSEWPaC on developing a new Heritage website in the Drupal CMS– a platform through which organisations can upload their own heritage stories, people and events to showcase them to the general public. Throughout the entire project, the information architecture, usability, accessibility and general design were tested on members of the public (based off developed personas) and internal staff members. The result was an elegant user experience which engaged the public and gave organisations an easy way to communicate their events to market.  The recently launched community heritage site can be seen at www.communityheritage.net.au