Reading Room and Mobile

Reading Room and Mobile

  • Mobile is a necessity for online business. More than one in four Australians above the age of fourteen have accessed the internet via a mobile device - and that number is expected to more than double over the next 5 years, and mobile will become the primary device for many users.
  • Mobile internet is different to PC internet. Mobile devices differ not only in size and shape, but also in usage. Sensis reports that mobile internet users engage with their device differently, preferring to get "straight down to business."
  • Mobile is fast run. A common misconception is that mobile projects are protracted and expensive. There's a place for big projects, but there's an even bigger place for smaller projects that can increase your presence and user engagement on mobile platforms.
  • Not convinced? Users can now access the internet from anywhere and are increasingly on the move and time poor. We don't believe in doing projects "for the sake of it." What we do believe is that there's a lot to gain by simply shifting some focus onto your mobile presence. Mobile projects are investment in your users - in giving them the most efficient and rewarding user experience possible.

Current Mobile Projects

NSW CCYP iPad App Screenshot

New South Wales Commission for Children and Young People - A picture of NSW children iPad Application

Many government departments produce long, expensive reports that end up relegated to a dusty document library. With the NSW Commission for Children and Young People, our goal is to take a 500+ page report and turn it into something that increases engagement and encourages readership. Utilising a striking mobile tablet interface, our application enhances the digital consumption process and makes the experience much more stimulating.

GRDC iPhone App Screenshot

Grains Research and Development Corporation - Weed Identification Guide iPhone Application

The Weed Identification Guide used to be a thick, static book that farmers kept in their utes. We took that information and made it more portable, relevant and user-friendly. Farmers will soon be able to access this information from their pockets wherever they are on their property and will be able to identify weeds faster thanks to the advanced search functionality enabled by our digital mobile platform.

Aus Museum iPhone App Screenshot

Australian Museum - Australia's Most Dangerous Creatures iPhone Application

Australian Museum wanted an easy and engaging way for users to browse and learn about Australia's more dangerous creatures. The aim is to put this information in front of users to help them realise that "dangerous" animals are not always aggressive and that many of these animals are themselves endangered. The best way to spread this message? Via an interactive content library that allows for streamlined consumption and interaction - and delivered via mobile.

The app can be downloaded from the app store here:

AGPT Mobile Site Screenshot

Australian General Practice Training - Mobile Optimised Site

Australian General Practice Training understood that mobile internet users have different needs and user habits than PC internet users. From our analysis, we figured out what the priorities were for mobile users accessing their site and designed a light-weight mobile specific stylesheet for their website that streamlined the user journey by delivering them the most desired information in a format optimised for smaller screens and touch interfaces.